Cheer/Drill Prep

Cheer/Drill prep class geared to dancers looking to audition or perform with school cheer or drill teams.  Teaches technique for a variety of skills such as leaps, turns and kicks.  Students will learn a variety of dance styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. 


Beginner and Advanced Acro / Tumbling  classes are geared towards  enabling dancers to incorporate acrobatic tricks into their dance routines.  These classes focus on developing and maintaining core strength, flexibility and includes learning how to properly execute flips, somersaults, headstands, handsprings and ariels to name a few.  


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Leaps & Turns

Leaps and Turns is a class that focuses on the development of proper technique involving turns and leaps.  Dancers will learn a variety of leaps, and turns such as pirouettes, pique turns, and chaines, as well as turning combinations and progressions across the floor.  Ages 9+